Hotel Heritage


1. Madurai Airport

The airport provides a wide range of facilities including those for business, children and disabled travellers. It also offers a full range of 1st class airport services.Public transport to and from the airport is reliable and frequent. There are plenty of coaches, taxis and regular trains, including the Madurai Express.

Alternatively there are plenty of airport parking companies, car hire providers and airport hotels nearby.Madurai Airport is located 10 km from Hotel Heritage, in Madurai.




2. Madurai Railway Station

The railway station is one of the busiest in the country and has computerized reservation counters. Madurai division has repeatedly received the award for being the best-maintained station in the Southern Railway.The railway station code for Madurai junction is MDU. It is connected to most major Indian cities and towns.Madurai Railway Division is the second largest revenue generating division in Tamil Nadu next only to Chennai.

As the TN's second largest City strucks daily with a single railway terminal unable to handle the heavy Passenger Crowds, Southern Railway has come-up with a plan of extension & modification of the City Junction.Madurai railway Station is located 2 km from Hotel Heritage Madurai.




3.Maattuthavani Bus Stand

Buses from Mattuthavani bustand are for mostly north & east bound destinations. This is the latest bustand situated in the Madurai - Melur route in the north to bringdown the heavy city traffic. It is operated by Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (Madurai Division I). The station handles east and north-east bound traffic. Madurai Mattuthavani Integrated Bus Station is located 7 km from Hotel Heritage, in Madurai.